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Movies/Made For TV Movies
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Poltergeist (1982)


This horror classic from Spielberg has a very young 5-year old Heather playing Carol Anne, an innocent child who unconsciously stirs spirits and an evil entity from the forgotten graveyard below her house. She is a highly intuitive child and shares an eerie and unexplained psychic connection to the spirit world. Unfortunately for her, Carol Anne's life force has attracted the attention of the restless souls, who engage her in small talk and pleasant conversation -- through the television!

Considered her signature performance.

210 files, last one added on Jan 13, 2009

Massarati and the Brain (1982) (TV)


Heather makes a brief appearance (30 seconds) as the character Skye Henry in this pilot for an unsold tongue-in-cheek espionage series from the Aaron Spelling plant. Massarati and the Brain debuted August 26, 1982, on ABC

31 files, last one added on May 15, 2009

Surviving: A Family In Crisis (1985) (TV)


In this nearly 3 hour made-for-TV movie, Heather portrays Sara, the youngest member of the Brogan family, all of whom have to cope with losing a teenage son and brother to suicide.

183 files, last one added on Apr 17, 2006

Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986)


It has been 4 years since the Freeling family fled Cuesta Verde, and the host of restless ghosts have returned to menace them, once again vying for possession of the soul of young, clairvoyant Carol Anne, whom they call "the angel". This time, a Native American medicine man, Taylor, joins forces with the Freelings to save their entire family from the evil entity, who is revealed to be the Reverend Henry Kane.

153 files, last one added on Feb 20, 2009

Poltergeist III (1988)


Heather's last appearance as Carol Anne at age 11, and sadly, her last movie role; she died four months before the film was released. She gave her most in-depth performance of Carol Anne in this film. After her death, MGM was unsure and nervous about marketing the film using Heather's image, so they cut facial views of her from the trailer and designed a theatrical poster with no tagline. Only the back of Carol Anne is seen in the poster, as she looks up at the tall highrise. In fact, the ending was reshot after she died and a body double was used. Look closely at the very last scene in the film and you will notice that her face is not shown. People Magazine in June, 1988 said of Heather's performance: "O'Rourke's reactions are so authentic she compels belief; she seems to be the only one who realized that character integrity was the key to the first film's success. That is the mark of a true actress. She will be missed."

209 files, last one added on May 08, 2009


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TV Shows/TV Specials
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Fantasy Island (1981) Season 4 Episode 77 "Elizabeth's Baby / The Artist and the Lady"


In her first ever TV appearance, broadcast on January 17, 1981 on ABC, Heather shows up in the fantasy sequence of a terminally ill but very expectant mother who wishes to look ahead into her unborn baby's future. Portraying the child "Liza" at age 5, Heather's scene required her to fall off a bike (she did the stunt herself) but her "daddy" is right there to pick her up again and give her a great big hug!

17 files, last one added on Aug 14, 2004

The Making Of Poltergeist (1982)

featurette end credit.JPG

These screen caps were taken from the Making of Poltergeist, an 8 minute segment and the Poltergeist International Trailer, a 2 minute, 43 second clip.

33 files, last one added on Nov 14, 2005

Happy Days (1982-83)


Heather makes 12 appearances in this classic sitcom as Heather Pfister, the spunky, wise-cracking, bright daughter of Ashley, a single mom, whom Fonzie dates in the 1982-83 10th Season. The episodes are: "A Woman Not Under The Influence", "A Night At The Circus", "A Little Case Of Revenge", "Since I Don't Have You", "Going Steady", "Nervous Romance", "I Drink, Therefore I Am" (with her sister Tammy), "All I Want For Christmas", "Hello, Pfisters", "I'm Not At Liberty", "Babysitting", and "Turn Around And You're Home".

291 files, last one added on Apr 20, 2009

CHiPs (1983) Season 6 - Episode 136 - Original airdate: Mar 13, 1983


In this episode entitled: "Fun House", CHP Cadet Bruce befriends 8-year-old Lindsey (Heather) who is being stalked by a mysterious woman. After school one day, Bruce receives a drawing from Lindsey and later, as she walks home, the mysterious woman appears and convinces Lindsey to get in her car. Several hours later at CHP Central, Lindsey's mom reports her missing and Bruce recognizes her from a photograph. Bruce and Kathy go out to the local toy shop, Cartoon Junction, looking for the woman Bruce saw near Lindsey's school. They manage to get a name. Later, Ponch and Bruce are searching the rented house of the kidnapper. They find a doctor's appointment card. Back at Central, they talk with her doctor, Dr. Joyce Brothers, and find out that she lost a child and kidnapped Lindsey as a replacement. Ponch realizes they might be headed for Mexico and goes after them with some help from the Mexican authorities. Near the Mexican border, Bruce is reunited with Lindsey and gives her a big hug while Ponch chases the kidnapper to a cliff. He manages to convince her not to jump to her death.

76 files, last one added on May 18, 2006

Matt Houston (1983) Season 2 - Episode 27 - Original airdate: September 16, 1983


1983 proved a busy year for young Heather, appearing here in the episode "The Woman In White" as Sunny Kimbal, a youngster whose daddy is wrongly accused of murder. Heather says the line "They're here" in a Poltergeist reference.

76 files, last one added on Jan 16, 2006

Believe You Can...And You Can! (1983)


Believe You Can And You Can is about believing in wishes and your dreams. Heather's family is moving far away from Disneyland, and Heather goes there to say goodbye to her friends when strange magic starts to happen. When she doubts herself she is put on trial so to speak, and she learns that as long as she keeps believing in magic, anything is possible. Her family does not move.

192 files, last one added on May 15, 2009

Webster (1983-84)


Playing in episodes: "Katherine's Swan Song", "Second Time Around" and "Travis". In this family sitcom, Heather is Melanie, a girl who knows a thing or two about etomology, running away, and how to get her parents to make up after an argument.

21 files, last one added on May 15, 2005

Finder Of Lost Loves (1984)


Playing in episode "Yesterday's Child". In this detective drama, Heather makes a short appearance as Jillian Marsh, daughter of a man who finds out he has another illegitiment daughter, Lan, Jillian's age. Her character has more than a little trouble adjusting until the last moment of the show.

56 files, last one added on Feb 07, 2006

Behind The Scenes: Poltergeist II (1985)


These screen caps were taken from a laser disk editon of Poltergeist II and are courtesy of member Sandra.

4 files, last one added on Aug 14, 2004

Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon (1986)

Labor Day 2.jpg

In this 1986 update of the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, Heather is part of the panel of child actors who answer phones to take donations.

3 files, last one added on Apr 01, 2005

Still The Beaver (1986-87)


Playing in episodes "Bad Poetry" and "Material Girl". In this 1980's update of the classic sitcom, Heather is Heather Montgemory, a nasty, spoiled rich kid who cons Kelly into becoming her "best friend" and in another episode, convinces her to become an entrepreneur in a T-shirt business.

55 files, last one added on Aug 14, 2004

Our House (1987)


In this family drama, Heather is the new kid at school, Dana, who just wants to be treated like a regular kid. She teaches Molly a special lesson about treating people normally--not just the blind--but of all people who are different or "challeged" in some way.

13 files, last one added on Oct 02, 2004

Rocky Road (1987)

0 files

Behind The Scenes: Poltergeist III (1987)


A making of documentary on a Poltergeist III Laser Disk edition. All of the photos, minus Heather in her Kane makeup are courtesy of member Sandra.

17 files, last one added on Aug 14, 2004

ABC's report on Heather's passing (1988)


Peter Jennings on ABC's World News tonight announces Heather's passing in a brief segment

3 files, last one added on Apr 29, 2006

CBS' report on Heather's passing (1988)


Dan Rather reports Heather's passing on the CBS Evening News.

13 files, last one added on Apr 29, 2006

NBC's report on Heather's passing (1988)


Tom Brokaw reports of Heather's passing on NBC Nightly News.

8 files, last one added on Apr 29, 2006

A Current Affair: Heather At Home (1988)


This 1988 segment of A Current affair marks one of the first rare glimpses we have of Heather's home life through her mom's eyes and rare home pictures. She remembers Heather's shyness and "out of the blue" sense of humor and recalls the fateful morning of Feb. 1.

52 files, last one added on Jun 05, 2006

The E! True Hollywood Story: The Curse Of Poltergeist (2002)


The October 2002 E! True Hollywood Story doesn't disappoint as there are plenty of rare pictures of Heather here to view. This special proves her legacy still burns as bright as the sun.

64 files, last one added on Mar 08, 2006

VH1 - 100 Greatest Kid Stars (2005)


In this TV Special, our very own Heather O'Rourke ranks #65 out of 100 child actors and actresses. She is briefly profiled (they erroneously say she was 6 years old during the time she was making her first movie) and best of all, there is a clip of an 8-year-old Heather being interviewed on a 1984 episode of "AM Los Angeles".

121 files, last one added on Jun 24, 2005

E! Child Star Confidential (2006)


This 2006 episode of Child Star Confidential: Teen Screamers, brings a never seen before interview with Heather from 1985. In this Heather talked about how she got to learn different things and meet loads of people and also includes a never before seen home video of Heather.

37 files, last one added on Sep 24, 2006

Puttin On The Kids


43 files, last one added on Oct 07, 2008

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Commercials/Print Ads
12 176
Mattel Tuff Stuff Number Blocks (1979-1980)

Tuff Stuff number blocks 1.jpg

Ads Heather appeared in from about age 3 to 4. Earliest known work.

7 files, last one added on Dec 09, 2005

My First Barbie Print Ad/Booklet/Box (1980)


Photos of Heather as the model for 1980's Mattel "My First Barbie" campaign. She was around 4 years old.

6 files, last one added on Apr 30, 2006

Kidco Pretty Playtime Friend (1980)


2 files, last one added on Apr 25, 2007

Long John Silvers Commercial (circa 1980-1981)


It is very early 1980 or 1981. One tunes into their favorite prime time show and sees this commercial for "Long John Silvers" $2.99 dinner meals. A familiar, golden-haired 4-year-old girl holds up a hush puppy and lilts out "push huppy". Very cute, now classic commercial featuring a very young, new Heather.

22 files, last one added on Jun 26, 2005

McDonalds Commercials (1980-82)


8 files, last one added on Nov 16, 2007

Good Housekeeping Spread (1983)


Heather modeling children's fashions for Good Housekeeping magazine in 1983 during her Happy Days stint. Thanks goes to members Michael Scott Watson and Aja for these scans.

6 files, last one added on Aug 14, 2004

Rainbow Brite Commercial 3


8 files, last one added on Nov 25, 2008

Rainbow Brite Commercial 2 (1983)


25 second ad for Rainbow Brite, Starlite, and Lurky dolls.

15 files, last one added on Oct 10, 2005

Rainbow Brite Commercial (1983)


30 second ad introducing Rainbow Brite doll to Heather O'Rourke for the first time.

62 files, last one added on Sep 08, 2005

Mattel Shera Books (1983)


In this 30 clip, Heather is found toward the very end reading a Shera book and is very excited and impressed, exclaiming "WOW!".

12 files, last one added on Mar 10, 2006

Strawberry Shortcake: Blow Kiss Baby Commercial (1982)


Commercial Heather was in sometime between 1982-1983 for Strawberry Shortcake: Blow Kiss Baby.

23 files, last one added on Sep 29, 2005

National Equirer Blurb (1983)


In this blurb, a special effects makeup artist from Hollywood "ages" 7-year-old Heather from age 7 to age 90!

5 files, last one added on Jan 24, 2005

12 albums on 1 page(s)

Rare Gallery
7 964
The Rare Gallery


Here is our album of publicity shots, behind the scenes photos, headshots and much more of Heather from circa 1981-1987, capturing the many faces of this young, beautiful star.

366 files, last one added on May 28, 2009

Family Photo Album


Candid, exclusive and rare, these are photos of Heather at home, school, or on the go with her friends and family.

63 files, last one added on Jul 19, 2006



Authentic Heather memorabilia is in this album such as letters, dolls, and autographed photos.

211 files, last one added on Jan 10, 2009

Article Archive


Articles and blurbs on the life, career and death of Heather, all scanned.

138 files, last one added on Jun 09, 2009

Heather Landmarks


Satellite images of places Heather lived, worked, played, went to school, enjoyed visiting, etc-- important places in her life.

34 files, last one added on Jan 24, 2009

Heather's Resting Place


Photos of Heather's Interment from past to present.

115 files, last one added on Sep 11, 2008

Miscellaneous Blurbs/Ads


Any magazine, newspaper, or print ad of uncertain or other origin is in this album.

37 files, last one added on Oct 27, 2006


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Miscellaneous Galleries
11 1301
Heather O'Rourke Look-A-Like Album


Photos of the best (and sometimes worst) examples of children/dolls who resemble Heather.

Comments in this album are currently turned OFF

"look-nothing-alikes" will be removed periodically.

76 files, last one added on Sep 22, 2008

Heather O'Rourke Look-a-Like Cheyenne Robinson


We have so many pics of Cheyenne so I thought we should have an area just for her. "The" Heather look-a-like in my opinion. :-D

Comments in this album are currently turned OFF

77 files, last one added on Jul 04, 2007

Tammy, Heather's older sister


An album of screen captures of Tammy O'Rourke in Annie and Pennies from Heaven taken by staff members.

36 files, last one added on Dec 29, 2005

Memorial Board Avatars


Bored with your board avatar? Take a look and choose a beautiful one from our album of static and animated Heather O'Rourke custom fit avatars made exclusively for this site's Memorial Board!

188 files, last one added on Apr 14, 2008



Desktop images to make your computer screen oh-so-lovely with Heather. Art by Paul, Rick, Karsten, and Peachy.

86 files, last one added on Dec 27, 2007

Fan Art


Fan drawings, photo essays and picture edits of Heather by our members.

738 files, last one added on May 16, 2009

Calendars: 2004-2005


2004-2005: Spend this year with Heather every month! Calendar made by Paul.

14 files, last one added on Dec 28, 2004

Calendars: 2005-2006


Spend this year with Heather every month!

20 files, last one added on Dec 18, 2006

Calendars: 2006-2007


7 files, last one added on Nov 01, 2007

Calendars 2007-2008


5 files, last one added on Nov 23, 2008

Spoofs and Parodies Section


The most offbeat section in this gallery, here you can find all the photo parodies of Heather's Poltergeist movies and all her other movie/tv roles.

54 files, last one added on Nov 09, 2008


11 albums on 1 page(s)

Uploading Areas
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Member Photo Album


This is one of the most special sections of the gallery. Here, all members are welcome to post pictures of themselves. Come meet all the members who posted here so that you can put a face to each name.

What this section is NOT for: Your dogs, cats, fish, extended family and friends. If you wish to display this type of thing please consider a service like PhotoBucket.com

154 files, last one added on Dec 18, 2008

Members Upload Area


This is the exclusive place in which all site members are allowed to upload photo files.

94 files, last one added on Jun 26, 2009

2 albums on 1 page(s)

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